eTwinning - Connecting Schools in Europe

Etwinning – Connecting Schools in Europe

The eTwinning action is an initiative of the European Commission that aims to encourage European schools to collaborate. The platform almost has 200.000 members and over 5300 projects (as at July 2012). 
What kind of projects? The range is very big and this process of intercultural learning can be applied to all subjects: local and national history, everyday culture (e.g. how is Christmas celebrated? What is the origin of your first name?), cooking and culture (e.g. What is your traditional food?)

The EVS volunteers fully participated in the preparation realization and evaluation of the following E-twinning projects ( together with the teachers and the 104 children of the local governmental primary school.

• "My Classroom's Garden for Europe",a project with partners from schools from Greece, Poland, Finland and Bulgaria about the nature and different countries. We can exchange information, experiences and ideas concerning everything the participants are interested in and would like to share. By finding similarities and appreciating differences we aim to create a miniature garden, tolerance and European awareness.

• "Bridging Europe". Project with partners from Greek and German schools. A project about exchange of information, experiences and ideas concerning our common country “Europe”. The participants are interested in and share everything by finding similarities and appreciating differences aiming to create tolerance and European awareness.
• “Be the change you want to see in the world” The teachers and the students of the partner schools from Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria and Spain are challenged to answer to the following questions: How often do you think about the environmental problems and the consequences caused by our behavior? How should our children or our pupils know a good way to protect the environment and be active? This project gives you and your students the chance to inform about this important topic. The idea is to discuss and hopefully find valuable solutions, which we can use in our daily life and make our own contribution to the environment's wellbeing. If all the generations consciously think of the conservation of our nature, we can achieve a lot! The aim is for the children to gain environmental awareness and in the future be able to, them, pass it to the following generation.
The aim of these projects are especially the intercultural exchange, develop European awareness and have borderless education (increase of motivation and teamwork), to understand cultural diversity better, but also to be aware of that we are all the same, no matter if the one speaks greek and the other French or polish.

• “Being friendly to insects”. Project with partners from schools from Greece and France. The project is about building up little "Hotels" for different insects. The main aspect is the eco- friendly behavior of the children (and us). We collect insects and observe their living conditions. In the end, we organized a blog to exchange all the results. The blog of the project is at:

The project introducings went very well and the children had a lot of fun while talking about these topics and accomplishing the tasks we gave them in order to show our French, English, Italian, German, Bulgarian and Romanian project partners the results in the eTwinning Twinspace.

We hope that we are able to continue with this great opportunity for the children and for us!