Painting chairs

Painting chairs in school

Back to school after nice holidays, every child seemed to be very motivated for new knowledge, lessons, fun and workshops. So we continued our holiday workshop with the children of the primary school.

The general idea of this workshop is to let children color some old looking chairs and also to give them a little feeling of responsibility, because we want to decorate the schools garden with them. It will maybe possible too, to have some outside lessons- a big advice for children and teacher.
Gloves on, brush in the hand and here we go: During the breaks we ask some children to paint a low number of chairs. The first step is, to paint them with a waterproofed color. So we prepared everything and were happy to find a big number of children interested in painting. The only little challenge for us was to stop this great enthusiasm during the carefully dipping in the colored mixture.
We have already some finished chairs from our holiday workshop. They are looking nice, colorful and each isĀ  unique. So it is a good motivation for the children to take care of them. We will continue this work during the next schooldays and probably weeks. We hope for nice results and are sure to get a lot.