Living in Katarraktis village

Some of the volunteers live in a small village of Katarraktis which is located on the seaside of the east-southern part of the Chios island.



The volunteers are hosted in a hotel where they have kitchen, rooms with bathrooms and a working place for their disposition. Hotel is very close to the small rock beach, where the volunteers can go and relax in their free time. The volunteers are responsible for keeping their working and living area clean.



Since Katarraktis is a very small village the volunteers can reach every point of it by foot within few minutes. In the village there are few restaurants and bars, a port, a church, two shops and a school (where the volunteers work during the school year).



Despite that this is a very small settlement there is a lot of things to do here; time seems to flow very fast in Katarraktis.



The volunteers spend 6 hours every working day preparing articles for the organization websites, organising seminars for children and helping local communities in a lot of different fields of work.



In their free time the volunteers can go to sightsee, relax on the beaches of Chios island (there is a one beautiful wild beach 15 min from Kattaraktis :)) or taste Greek cuisine in the local restaurants.