First trip with Olympia

Last week we used for the first time our great boat Olympia.
It was a very sunny and beautiful day and we left all together to the shipyard to see how the boat was carried into the water.
Firstly a boat carriage was driven under the boat and later the holders were removed one by one and the boat was put on the carriage. It was very important to be careful during this process in order not to damage the boat and to arrange it steady on the machine. Later on the truck linked to the carriage started moving and pushed the boat towards the ramp to facilitate its entry in the sea.

Once the boat was in the sea all of us volunteers had the opportunity to drive it with the motor or with the sail towards the Marina where we managed to park it.
We learn many new things such as how to use the motor, how to stop the boat, where to tie the ropes and how to ensure the safety of the vehicle while it is parked in order to protect it from the wind.
It was a really great day and we hope to experience soon again the feeling of wind in our hair and of the blue salty water under our feet.


Preparation for the Aegean Regatta '13

It isn't that life ashore is distasteful to me, but life at the sea is better. -Sir Francis Drake

When we, 2 nautical newbies with 3 experienced sailors, started our sailing trip on Thursday, 15.08.13, at 7 o'clock in the morning we didn't knew how true this quote is.

We sailed towards the sunrise and our destination was Mytilene (Lesvos), the starting point of the Aegean Regatta 2013, where the organization’s boat 'Olympia' should participate in.




The day before one of the biggest Sailing races of Chios in July 2011 we went to the sailing boat of the project, to prepare it for the next day. We put out all the unnecessary stuff and fixed the sails.


Maintaining the Boat

During the winter season the organisation's sailing boat is kept in a harbour in the North of the island, outside of the water. There, we have the possibility to maintain the boat and to prepare it for the coming sailing season, which lasts usually from spring to autumn.


First Experiences

In the beginning of June, a day after we finally put the boat into the sea and parked it at the harbour, we sailed with "Olympia" the organization´s sailing yacht to the close island Oinousses. It was the first sailing trip this year and furthermore for some of us the first sailing experience ever.

In this first experience the volunteers already have the opportunity to take active part, learn how to steer the boat and how to make a maneuver like tagging, as well as how to leave and enter a harbour.